Our company motto is simple: Design IT Right - The First Time. We believe great technology solutions come from great design. As a result, we understand the practical and innovative dimensions of technology development, transition, deployment, and maintenance. Established by a group of visionaries with experience in advanced usability, large-scale software, and data-centric systems development, Darsan Technologies offers custom software products, user interface design, cloud solutions as well as a wide range of Information Technology managed services with a global presence.

Near-sITe Is Where It's At.

Our near-sITe solution blends the best of both worlds: cost efficiency AND superior client service.


Darsan Technologies provides consulting and IT services specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Our analytical approach to design and implementation allows us to provide your organization with customized solutions that meet both the business and end-user needs.

Custom Development

We make IT easier, we make IT better, and we make IT more efficient! We blend information architecture, business analysis, user need, process efficiency and graphic design to produce 100% functional applications with 100% usability in mind.

Managed Services

Do you need to keep those critical systems up and running at all times? Whether you need to increase system productivity or require 24x7 support, we can do that for you. With our flexible managed services options, you are free to run your business!

Application Support

We can fix what ails your application! As your business evolves, applications need to change to suit new business scenarios. We are here to provide you with the maintenance and support required to extend the life of your applications.

Legacy Technology

Every business has legacy technologies still working for them and sometimes we just need to work with what we've got. We can help you with applications that need updates in older technologies that many others have thrown out to pasture!

Quality Assurance

Do you have your own software products - in-house or third-party? We can provide you with state-of-the-art Quality Assurance services ranging from test plan development all the way through automated testing.

Cloud Strategy

While organizations recognize the benefits of a cloud-presence, developing a cohesive approach to migrating to cloud may present them with some unique challenges. We have the expertise and tools to help you navigate the myriad of options available in the cloud computing arena to help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy.


Our near-sITe solution blends the best of both worlds: cost efficiency AND superior client service. Near-sITe replaces the traditional offshore model with local, highly skilled resources to liaise with clients resulting in superior Client - Darsan team synchronization. This model is radically different compared to the industry norm, culminating in minimal management overhead for project engagement and quicker project turnaround times.

Superior Client Service

A Darsan-direct contact ensures a complete understanding of business challenges, requirements and scope of the project.

Cost Efficiency

A Darsan-approved pool of resources is managed via your Darsan-direct contact resulting in cost savings without a sacrifice in service.


For every project, big or small, we use our three-step Design IT Right approach. We get to know the user, we get to know the business, and we know the right technology to deliver success.

Know the Business

Everyone uses technology differently. With a constant focus on users and their roles, our solutions bring a better technology experience to end-users.

Know the user

Every business is different with its own set of challenges. Our vast experience across multiple industries allows us to understand and navigate the challenges that are unique to your business.

Know the technology

Technology is not one size fits all. Finding the right technology for each project is our specialty.


Darsan Technologies offers a variety of specialized and ready-to-use software products for your business. Through our flagship product DARSANauditr, we offer a comprehensive solution for the Degree Audit needs of higher education institutions. Our compliance and course management product CoLEarn is designed to be a complete and cloud-ready solution to meet any organization's legal, regulatory and internal compliance needs.



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